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£100 minimum ⭐️ £250 Carriage Paid

Fair Trade Impact

Your purchase creates and extends a chain of goodness around the world!
Each bracelet, necklace, earring, and accessory made gives a woman artisan a job, a source of income and a means of preserving traditional crafts and art forms. This, in turn, provides education and food for the woman's family and community. In addition to our fair trade partnerships, WorldFinds is making an impact across the globe through other philanthropic campaigns.

Our use of repurposed materials and methods of waste reduction help keep our environmental impact low. By handcrafting our products, we use less energy and water and produce less pollution.

Through your support, WorldFinds is able to help women and girls in their pursuit of education. Our Girls Education Fund provides financial assistance for tuition, books and uniforms to children.

All of our products are handmade with love, providing a living wage, safe working conditions to our artisans, as well as the preservation of the techniques and culture behind the Kantha stitch.

Our best-selling Cause Connection Collection continues to expand and has resulted in over $28,800 in donations to 15 incredible organizations doing good in the world.

Sales of our Kantha Connection Bracelets in June 2020 allowed us to donate over $6,600 to the Equal Justice Initiative to support racial justice. We created a Cause bracelet to support this organization in 2021.

Our 2020 Fair Trade Month Initiative raised over $8,000 to help get badly needed food & medical supplies to communities in need in India. We donated 100% of the sale of our face masks back to our artisan partners.

Through our partnerships, our artisan partners are able to develop personal independence. Artisans have gone on to purchase homes, send their children to school, and even launch their own business!

WorldFinds is woman-owned & women-powered. We are committed to empowering women & their communities through fair trade. We also work with artisan groups that employ individuals from marginalized communities.


In the most basic terms - fair trade is an equitable, long-term relationship between trading partners, and a way to ensure low-income artisans are truly being helped out of poverty. There are 9 Principles of Fair Trade recently adopted by the Fair Trade Federation, and soon there will be explicit practices on how those principles can be achieved.